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Safe Sunscreen Use Around Your Eyes

Friday, June 14th, 2019

You ought to protect your eyes from sun damage. Most sunscreen is safe to use on and around the eyelid area (without putting it in your eye, of course); however, you’ll want to be judicious about what kind of sunscreen you use, as this region is especially sensitive and delicate. Mineral formulas, made with Zinc...  Read More

Top 11 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen

Friday, May 24th, 2019

Once summer rolls around, we all make a beeline to the nearest drug store to stock up on sunscreen. Keep in mind, applying sunscreen should be done daily. Summer or winter, monsoon or spring, the need to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun is crucial. And, sunscreen does the job for...  Read More

Spring Skin Care Tips

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

As winter’s icy chill recedes, it becomes necessary to go through a bit of a beauty overhaul. We switch to lighter makeup, hair, and nail colors, but sometimes we take healthy skin for granted. After months of harsh weather, our skin is in urgent need of a beauty revamp. The question is: Which products should we...  Read More