At Rejuv Cosmetic Center, our primary goal is quite simply to improve upon that reflection. To help you look and feel your best. By offering state of the art techniques, products and services.


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Manicure/ Pedicure

Basic Manicure

30 minutes $18
Your hands go through a lot during the day! Washing, shopping, cold weather, and dry heat all take their toll on the condition of your hands. This creative manicure is filled with soothing botanicals and moisturizing properties which treats the hands as delicately as treating the face. Your hands are massaged, nails shaped, buffed, and polished to perfection.

Spa Manicure

45 minutes $29
The essential manicure! Nails will be shaped, cuticles groomed then hands will be enveloped in a whirlpool, followed by an exfoliating treatment to soften and revitalize dry, tired hands. Our experienced nail technician will massage your worries away with advanced hydration moisturizer; complete the manicure with polish of your choice.

French Manicure
$ 20
Polish Change Hands
$ 12
Gentleman’s Manicure
$ 16
Manicure with OPI gel polish
$ 30


45 minutes $39
Your feet will thank you for this lush treatment. This traditional pedicure begins with a therapeutic soak, shaping of the nails, followed by a foot massage and choice of nail polish color.

Spa Pedicure

60 minutes  $69
The ultimate pedicure! As you sit in our deluxe spa pedicure chair your back will be heated and massaged while your feet soak in a relaxing whirlpool. Your nails will be shaped and cuticles groomed followed by an exfoliating treatment and a revitalizing mask to help remove the dullness and restore radiant-looking skin. Legs and feet will then be massaged with a deep hydrating moisturizer which will seal in moisture. The pedicure will be completed with polish of your choice.

Reflexology Pedicure

60 minutes  $69
Bask in relaxation with the healing indulgence of this amazing pedicure. The ancient Egyptian practice of reflexology is based on the principle that reflects on feet having a connection to every inch of our bodies. Among the benefits are soothed nerves and increased circulation. Enjoy this healing therapy and then relax into the pleasure of our Pedicure. A truly healing and pampering experience!

Callous Free Acid Peel Pedicure

75 minutes $69
The ultimate hydration for your feet! This treatment enhances the traditional pedicure with an acid peel and mask to remove all dryness and calluses, which so often form on our feet during the summer and winter months. This treatment restores moisture and hydrates the skin leaving your feel looking naturally healthy.

Polish Change Toes
$ 14
Gentleman’s Pedicure
$ 36