Josephine M.

“Well let’s start by saying that after years of going on ‘yo-yo’ diet and raising my children, it came to a point where I had a large piece of hanging skin that was always red and sore under my belly.”

“On November 9th, 2007, I arrived at the Rejuv Center when it was brand new. I thought at the time I was going to be put to sleep for the operation, but because of my blood pressure it was too risky so I was Anesthetized, but awake during the procedure. I did not feel any pain. I trusted Dr. Marki that he would do his best. I was talking with everyone in the operating room. There really was no pain. The procedure took 4-5 hours to remove the large piece of skin, have Lipo, and reconstruct a new belly button.

“After the surgery, I walked off the operating table and had a glass of juice. I must say that the Nurses and help were excellent. They took great care of me during my procedure. I love them for that. Dr. Marki was comforting and reassuring. Everything went as planned and when I got home I had no pain. There was a little discomfort because I had drainage and I had to sleep sitting up. My recovery was fast and there were no problems.

“I would honestly recommend Dr. Marki to anyone wanting a Tummy Tuck or whatever you need. He is a caring and understanding doctor who will give you answers and a great result. I am very, very pleased and happy with the results.”

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