DermaFrac™ Microneedling for beautiful skin

Revolutionary Micro – channeling
Technology for Beautiful Skin in New Jersey

Introducing an innovative micro – channeling technology for beautiful skin with no pain or downtime.


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Increased Infusion Delivers Superior Results

  • Pain-free, no topical anesthetic.
  • Simultaneous topical infusion.
  • Faster, more treatments per day.
  • Safer, more predictable.
Deliver rejuvenating topical skin treatment via thousands of fractional micro-channels with minimal pain or downtime.

DermaFrac™ Eliminates:

  • Extra steps of delivering topicals separately into the skin.
  • The need for Anesthesia.
  • Risk associated with darker skin types.
  • Complications and expense of laser treatments and heat issues.

DermaFrac™ Delivers:

  • High-grade active ingredients to the dermal layer.
  • Beneficial procedures with a pleasant client experience.


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