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IV Vitamin Infusion BAR

Refresh, Rejuvenate, and Rehydrate with Rejuv’s IV Vitamin Infusion Bar. Our Iv infusions are designed for optimal health and wellness. Rejuv currently has 7 different customized Iv infusion treatments for you to choose. IV Infusion is a safe, quick and easy way to deliver vitamins directly into the body. Rejuv’s IV Infusions are a blend of vitamins and nutrients to remedy a variety of conditions.

Dr. Marki has worked with a great number of patients helping them in their weight loss journey giving them the tools for proper nutrition to optimize their weight loss potential.

What is an IV?

IV stands for intravenous. Iv infusion delivers fluid through the veins by a tube which is inserted by a small needle.

Am I a candidate for the IV Vitamin Infusion Bar?

Just about everyone is a candidate for IV Infusion, however, if you do have any allergies please let our staff know ahead of time. If you have a heart condition, renal failure or are pregnant or nursing please also let the IV nurse know.

Team Kailyn

How long will each IV infusion take?

From start to finish each IV Treatment takes about 30-45 minutes to complete depending on which treatment you are receiving.

Who will administer my IV Infusion?

Rejuv’s IV Certified Registered Nurse, Kaitlin Amoruso will administer your IV Infusion treatment. Iv’s are chosen in consultation with Dr. Marki and are customized for each individual client’s needs.

How often can I receive IV Infusions?

The repetition of the IV treatments will depend on each individual person and which IV treatment is being done. Nurse Katie and Dr. Marki will have a treatment plan for each individual person.

Infusion Therapy

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Recharge and get energized, burn your fat and boost metabolism.

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Minimize recovery time and enhance your performance after your workout.

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Boost your immune system and recover faster from illness.
* Though this is not a treatment for COVID-19 the Resilience will strengthen your immunity.

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Fight acne, wrinkles and tired skin from the inside out. Helps to fortify hair, skin and nails.

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The “Gold Standard” for overall wellness. Packed full of vitamins to help you feel your very best.

The Myer’s cocktail helps to boost your immunity, reduce fatigue, enhance performance and aids in hangover relief.

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Helps to turn back the clock with anti-aging support and mental clarity.

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Eases the headache from a hangover and calm nausea while rehydrating the body. It also helps to relieve migraine headaches.

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What Makes Rejuv Unique?


The Rejuv Staff has over 200 years of combined experience in skin care, massage, and aesthetic treatments and CoolSculpting.


Rejuv offers over 40 different treatment options to make you feel and look like the very best you that you can be.


Rejuv’s own medical director, Dr. Marki has years of experience in health care, including cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures such as injectables and lasers.

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