Deciding to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

December 8, 2016, 9:37 pm

Talking to Family and Friends About Cosmetic SurgeryAlthough attitudes about Cosmetic Surgery are slowly changing, there is usually a real or perceived stigma surrounding Cosmetic Surgery that can be difficult to avoid if you are considering undergoing an anti-aging or reshaping facial cosmetic procedure. Some people choose not to disclose their interest or plans to anyone to avoid criticism, but the decision about whether to let your family know about your plans for surgery can be complex and is highly individual. Sometimes, the procedure you get will necessitate explanation, while more subtle adjustments will leave the decision at your discretion. Here are some things to consider when deciding whom to confide in about you interest in Cosmetic Surgery.

Your Relationship

Obviously, whether you tell someone about your surgery plans or not will depend on your relationship. It can be difficult and feel dishonest to keep a secret from your spouse, while your coworker is not entitled to know why you suddenly look different. If you are reluctant to tell a close friend or family member about your desire for Cosmetic Surgery, ask yourself why. Are you worried they will judge you? Do you feel selfish or unjustified in moving forward with your plans? It can be difficult to disclose your surgery to those close to you, but it is often necessary and can help you feel better about your decision.

Remember, if you decide to tell your family and friends, you may come across criticism. Be patient and tactful, but do not let anyone talk you into doing something you do not want to do, or alternately talk you out of do something you want to.

Additionally, you would be surprised how people you hardly know or know well will come up with very negative comments about how you are healing or how you look post op.  Jealously and regional prejudices toward Cosmetic Surgery can surface very readily.


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Many of the more invasive procedures require that you have someone around to help look after you following surgery. If you are interested in Rhinoplasty, Liposuction or other major surgical procedure, you should get assistance for your recovery period to help ensure good results. Family and good friends can be especially helpful in this regard.

If you require help with financing your procedure, you may need to involve other people as well. Financing is often available through Cosmetic Surgeons, but you may need to speak with others regarding financial considerations, your spouse or grown children for instance.

The Subtlety of Your Results

Some minor procedures, such as Dermal Fillers, produce subtle results that will usually just make people think you look refreshed. More invasive procedures, particularly surgical treatments, produce more obvious results that are harder to dismiss when questioned.

Your Personal Feelings About Cosmetic Surgery

he most important factor in whether to tell people about your Cosmetic Surgery is your own personal feelings. It is no one else’s business, and if you choose not to tell anyone, that is your choice.

A Trusted Cosmetic Surgery Ally

Your Cosmetic Surgeon will be more than just your surgeon–he or she will be your ally in getting the results you want. Even if you decide not to tell anyone else about your procedure, you will be able to express any concerns or questions with your Cosmetic Surgeon with confidence. Choosing your Cosmetic Surgeon is a major decision, and you should make sure he or she is board-certified, experienced in the procedure you are interested in, knowledgeable, and caring. If you’re ready to pursue Cosmetic Surgery, schedule your appointment today.

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